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We are thrilled to announce that Capital Access has been honored with new HUD Technical Assistance awards through the 2022/23 Notice of Funding Opportunities this year. These combined awards total $6,350,000 in new HUD TA contract authority – our largest award to date since we embarked on this journey as a HUD TA provider back in 2000.

This achievement is a testament to the exceptional dedication of our incredible team. HUD’s unwavering confidence in Capital Access to effectively serve on behalf of HUD and its Grantees is not just a testament to our capabilities but also a recognition of the hard work and commitment exhibited by every member of our team. This success is a reflection of our passion for what we do, and we look forward to more groundbreaking achievements in the future.

If you are a recipient of HUD Grant funds and are interested in learning more about HUD Technical Assistance and how to apply, please visit: for more information.

*Please note, HUD has sole decision-making authority on HUD TA decisions and which provider is the best fit for a TA assignment.