How Capital Access Helps You Turn Federal Grants into Community Success Stories

HUD Grants

If you’re applying for HUD grants to benefit your community, you already know it’s a challenging process. The benefits can be substantial in terms of helping low to moderate income residents improve their housing situation, and building a stronger, healthier community for everyone in it. Most state and local governments, and nonprofits, do not have adequate time or resources to get through the application process without bumping into compliance issues, much less manage the funds and their distribution once they’re received. 

Grant Program Management – Service with a System

Most federal grant applicants eventually turn to a grant program manager for help. The experience and knowledge base frees up staff time and avoids errors that hinder progress. Capital Access has been working with HUD for 27 years across 32 states, with a passion to help grantees achieve their community development goals. We are a Service with a System, meaning we have developed a robust web-based software system, CAPGEMS, and an experienced team to help you put it to work for you.

We will help your staff master the Four Managements of HUD Grants Management:

  • Project Management
  • Underwriting Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Financial Management

CAPGEMS: More robust, customizable, and affordable than ordinary grants management software

CAPGEMS, the software component of our services, was built by our own experts who have deep knowledge of HUD. We know every HUD grantee has their own unique situation, so customization is very important. Our team works with you to understand where you are and what you need, and then customizes the software to fit.

CAPGEMS provides:

  • HUD Administration and Project Management tools
  • Application and Verification Review templates
  • Digital file cabinet
  • Payment processing
  • Reports

We deploy our team to train your staff, if you choose to direct manage the process, or we can manage the grant process as your community development partner.

How CAPGEMS works for your grant projects

Security and compliance

Grant application, management, and fund distribution is highly complex. Security and compliance must stay on your radar at all times, as an issue with either can have serious consequences. CAPGEMS has security protocols and compliance built in to protect your projects and ensure the funds are used as intended. 

The Service with the System

The team behind CAPGEMS is what makes the program extraordinary. The founder of Capital Access, Jeremy Newberg, has made housing his life’s work, and continuously innovates new ways to help people with low and moderate income to have safe and affordable housing. His mission is to revitalize neighborhoods and strengthen communities. The whole Capital Access team is on the same mission and share his passion to help HUD grantees efficiently and effectively build stronger communities.

Give it a test drive

The Capital Access team would be happy to show you how CAPGEMS works. Schedule a demonstration.