Capital Access helps government agencies, community organizations and/or financial institutions optimize housing and community development programs.


Policy, Problem Solving and Training

We deploy our expertise to help you successfully navigate the policy, underwriting, compliance, and financial management components of HUD, Treasury and FEMA funds.

Since 2000, Capital Access has served as a HUD Technical Assistance provider which keeps us current on regulations and best practices.

We assisted disaster recovery and mitigation programs in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in the East; California, Alaska, and Oregon in the West; and Puerto Rico and states along the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast.


Service with a System

You may want to expand an existing or launch new home improvement, rent, down payment, buyout, public services and/or small business assistance programs.

Capital Access provides case managers, processors, production, policy, compliance, and financial leads for direct assistance programs.

Capital Access Project, Grants, Expenditure and Management System (CAPGEMS) is a platform for applications, verification reviews, grant/loan agreement generation, payments, and reporting with an indexed digital file cabinet.

Since 2020, CAPGEMS Service with a System has generated 17,000 grants for $125 million in rent, mortgage, and small business assistance.

Strategies. Staff. Systems. Scale.

We lift the burden of policy, underwriting, compliance, and financial management so you can with confidence serve those who need it most.  How? We deploy:


We assist with program design and policies that improve coordination and compliance to achieve impact and flow.


We are experts, managers, processors, trainers, and coaches experienced in project, underwriting, compliance, and financial management that can be deployed in a flexible manner for HUD Grants Management and Direct Assistance Program Management.


Our clients have access to CAPGEMS which is an integrated platform for applications, verification reviews, grant agreement generation, payments, and reporting with a digital file cabinet. For each program, we customize CAPGEMS to clarify roles, reduce waste and apply internal controls so staff can focus on service delivery in a humane and dignified manner.


How can you be a force for high impact innovation for the communities you serve? Capital Access helps you and your organization shape the Vision, Strategy and Implementation capacity needed to increase production and improve impact at scale.

Capital Access will help you achieve excellence in HUD Grants Management and Direct Assistance Program Management.

From their policy expertise to their caring and diligent case management staff, to their robust CAPGEMS program management system, Capital Access has proven to me that they can run large government-funded direct assistance programs at scale and in a safe and sound manner. Our senior team, which manages Capital Access, has often shared with one another that the best decision we made in 2021, was the selection of Capital Access to manage the rental assistance program.

Their focus has been unwavering, and they have shared our goal of delivering efficient and respectful assistance to our citizens.

— William F. Martin, Solicitor, Delaware County

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