Tenant Relocation Services

Policy Guidance, Program Design and HUD TA Training & Reporting
Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development (DCED)

Capital Access was selected through a national competitive bid to serve all tenant relocation processing needs supporting the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (PA DCED) funded buyout programs in Plymouth Township, the City of Harrisburg, and Wyoming County. PA DCED received more than $57M in combined CDBG-DR funds through PL 112-55 and PL 113-2.

Capital Access provided policy guidance, program design, and technical assistance to PA DCED while implementing the programs necessary to provide full Uniform Relocation Act (URA) tenant relocation services. Our team of subject-matter experts, administration, case management, and remote processing staff implemented the program across three counties. Specifically, Capital Access assisted TA recipients with the following:

  • Recommendations to refine relocation standard operating procedures
  • Guidance on refining the protocols for how and when to draft and send the Notice to Proceed, Notice of Eligibility, and Initiation of Negotiation letters
  • Guidance to subgrantee buyout teams on how to coordinate the buyout program, in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Act (URA)
  • Outreach to property owners to identify information for current and past tenancy not provided by the buyout program
  • Relocation costs for each sub-grantee, for budgeting purposes
  • Initial case management meetings with tenants to collect and complete preliminary eligibility information and further assess relocation needs
  • Collection of remaining and follow-up documentation, provide additional housing assistance support, and address any special accommodation requests
  • Assessments of potential housing units or selection of comparable replacement housing units
  • Follow-up meetings to review and/or collect information related to moving, approval of comparable replacement housing, and/or replacement housing payment
  • Moving assistance and/or housing assistance coordination prior to or day of the move, to ensure the signing of a new lease and/or move-out in support of the Buyout program homeowner/landlord settlement coordination

Through this engagement, Capital Access provides high-quality customer service and quick turnaround while maintaining compliance records and policy guidance. Capital Access successfully completed all tenant relocation service needs for each buyout program without any delays to settlements.

This engagement was rewarding because we were able to bridge the challenging work required by both HUD and FEMA programs and serve and augment capacity needs with each of the three Counties. This project put us to the challenge and we appreciated the opportunity to meet it while serving distressed tenant needs.”
– Capital Access Director of Policy and HUD Technical Assistance Grant Johnson