CAPGEMS Home Improvement Program


The CAPGEMS Home Improvement Program is a new creative and constructively disruptive approach to preserving and modernizing homeowner-occupied housing in low/mod income areas on a larger scale. 

Home repairs are a costly but necessary expense for homeowners. There are many federal grant programs available that help cover the cost of certain home improvements. However, CAPGEMS Home Improvement aims to move beyond basic home repair and revitalize the whole home and in turn the surrounding neighborhood. The Solution is a bigger investment with a continuous payoff.

CAPGEMS Home Improvements Aim to:

Aid: Help low-  and moderate-income homeowners improve financial health and wealth at scale.

Build: Preserve and modernize homes in low/mod income areas at scale.

Cultivate: Provide stable, long-term business opportunities for the local economy utilizing a network of local construction contractors and laborers – including minority, women-owned business enterprises, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

Integrate: Implement renewable energy generation to reduce utility costs and provide resilience to power outages and storms.

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When a neighborhood has good, solid homes, with educated homeowners that are invested in the upkeep, the benefits are substantial with payoff lasting for 30+ years.

The program starts with improving the financial health and wealth of the homeowner, cultivating them as collaborators in home repair. This program helps them resolve credit and financial issues, teaches financial literacy, and empowers them to become a partner in the solution. The end result should be a good, sturdy house that will be an asset to the community which in turn:

  • Raises property values
  • Stabilizes tax base
  • Decreases crime 
  • Contributes to the appeal and livability of the city

From their policy expertise to their caring and diligent case management staff, to their robust CAPGEMS program management system, Capital Access has proven to me that they can run large government-funded direct assistance programs at scale and in a safe and sound manner. Our senior team, which manages Capital Access, has often shared with one another that the best decision we made in 2021, was the selection of Capital Access to manage the rental assistance program.

Their focus has been unwavering, and they have shared our goal of delivering efficient and respectful assistance to our citizens.

— William F. Martin, Solicitor, Delaware County


Capital Access has a team of experienced home improvement project managers and case managers, along with management software, payment systems and more. A partnership means you approve project scope and fund allocation, while Capital Access provides:

  • Strategy for program design focused on impact, policies, flow and internal controls.
  • Staff experienced in program & project, underwriting, compliance and financial management and delivery of case management services.
  • Systems that can track progress and keep projects moving on time and on budget with a clear audit trail that meets 2 CFR part 200 requirements.
  • Scale helping you serve more people in more communities with deeper impact.

Community partnership with Capital Access extends beyond just project, funds, and resource management. We’re providing the due diligence necessary to transform a neighborhood and improve the lives of those who work and live within a community.

If you think your community is ready for CAPGEMS Home Improvements, view our checklist to see the success criteria we use to accept new clients.