Laying the Groundwork

Consulting, Direct Program Management with CAPGEMS
Delaware County, PA (DelCo)

Delaware County, Pennsylvania (DelCo) came to us having never had an ERA program in place and suddenly finding themselves in need of one for their community as a result of the COVID pandemic.

In April of 2021, Capital Access partnered with The Delaware County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (DelCo ERA) to help lay the groundwork for this much-needed program. Capital Access built robust software to help DelCo with case management activities and created an ERA program. Previously, DelCo had not received ERA funds and did not have the infrastructure needed for expenditure.

Capital Access actively worked with DelCo and their community partners to ramp up expenditure through August 2022 and expended 99% of $79M. Capital Access’s team created efficient communication and collaboration with the County and recipients.

Incorporating our CAPGEMS system, along with augmenting staff, we created scalability and flow that remains sustainable for the community to this day:

  • Provided software for case management:
    • Documentation for grant development
    • Virtual File cabinet
    • Portal for signing documents
    • Manage payments
  • Transparency:
    • Portals for landlords and renters
    • The county could access all information
    • Formed Executive Committee, worked in sync with County
  • Quality Control:
    • Fraud deterrent, developed a protocol for recognizing fraud
    • Verification Review Sheet (VRS)-quality assurance/control doc for case managers
    • Audit management
  • Staff services:
    • Customer service hotline
    • In-person events (registrations, upload documentation)

The County was able to process more than 11,000 grants and is reaching 100% expenditure. In 2022, the U.S. Treasury and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded DelCo ERA an additional $10.73 million. Grants continue to be provided.

In an August 2022 press release from, Delaware County Council Chair Dr. Monica Taylor stated, “Delaware County could not have achieved this success without the thoughtful and persistent collaboration of community partners, the eviction court system, constituent service staff of elected officials, utilities, landlords and tenants along with our program manager, Capital Access.”

Delaware County was amazing to work with! They had an enormous challenge of building a new program for ERA funds which included developing the right software components. The County and their partners were able to scale quickly and process over 11,000 grants. They continue to achieve great things with the systems put in place.”
– Capital Access Program Manager Teresa Carter