Dana Brashear

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Dana Brashear brings 20+ years of experience in mortgage banking, marketing, and business development to the Capital Access team. She holds a BA from the University of Oklahoma, with an MBA from Midland University. Dana has a proven track record of building high-performance teams, successfully developing and marketing financial products, as well as cultivating strategic partnerships.

Dana’s ability to evaluate and organize large amounts of data quickly and pitch in on projects is beyond valuable to the team. They also appreciate her optimism and collaborative, down-to-earth approach to people and projects.

“I love diving in and tackling new projects. I thrive in a learning environment and love to share what I have researched, learned, and experienced.”

When she’s not working you’ll find Dana doing her next favorite thing – more work! “I am an avid reader/writer and edit manuscripts in my spare time.”