Dayatra Coles

Senior Consultant & HUD Grants Management, IDIS

Dayatra Coles began her career in affordable housing and community development as a housing finance officer for the City of Lakeland, Florida, where she learned the ins and outs of affordable housing procedures, including case management and residential lending, implementation, and closeout processes. During this tenure, she played an integral role in increasing the availability of affordable housing units.

As a grant administrator, Dayatra has effectively managed the disbursement of multiple funding sources, reduced the number of “red flags” in IDIS, and created a sustainable and effective affordable housing program. Now, as a HUD Technical Assistance provider and subject-matter expert, she assists federal and state grantees with program management and compliance oversight for HOME, CDBG, IDIS, DRGR, NSP, PLP, and SHIP-funded Programs.

“My passion is helping people obtain affordable housing. With more than 25 years of hands-on and administration experience, I am your specialist for federal and state community development and housing administration.” Dayatra is a trusted resource and guide for any client looking to use public funds to accomplish community goals.

She’s also pretty good at board games. “I enjoy hosting  ‘game night’ activities with diverse groups in order to break down barriers and truly connect.”