Grant Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Grant Johnson began his career in housing and development as a project manager for nonprofit neighborhood revitalization programs. He brings more than two decades of in-the-field experience with public services and real estate initiatives to his role as Director of Policy and HUD Technical Assistance at Capital Access. He specializes in aligning federal regulation policies with program strategies, procedures, and implementation. Additionally, he is experienced in real estate acquisition and development. As an accomplished HUD Technical Assistance Provider, Grant provides subject matter expertise for HUD-funded projects and programs that include HOME, CDBG, NSP, CDBG-DR, CDBG Mitigation, and cross-cutting federal regulations.

“I particularly enjoy discussing strategies and finding solutions that address the typical challenges of private sector services and project delivery needs through the lens of public regulatory compliance requirements. There is a way in which regulation is not an obstacle, but rather a guide for avoiding potential conflicts and elevating what we do.”

An inveterate collaborator and team builder who believes “we can do more when we play to everyone’s strengths,” Grant is also a firm believer in enjoying his time away from the complexity of work to connect with family, friends, and his community through a range of outdoor recreation, art, music, food, and reading interests.