Jeremey Newberg

Founder & CEO

Trained as a banker and community developer, CEO Jeremey Newberg brings financial analysis, business planning, and HUD grants management expertise to housing and disaster recovery. A HUD Technical Assistance Provider since 2000, Jeremey has a 30-plus-year track record of aligning community needs with client-centered program design and operations that comply with HUD requirements.

Fueled by his passion for civility and social justice, Jeremey started Capital Access in 1995 in an effort to help make communities stronger by enhancing the impact of their housing and community development programs. His vision from the start was to improve the lives of underserved individuals by helping the agencies and officials who serve them.

Jeremey is a frequent speaker, panelist, and subject-matter expert on neighborhood revitalization, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and a range of other community development topics. When not addressing a group, you’ll find Jeremey behind his computer screen researching underserved communities, in his office preparing new strategies for sustainability, or on the phone listening, guiding, and putting clients’ minds at ease.

A big thinker with practical approaches to solving real-world challenges, he is an inspiring leader who is genuinely in awe of his team’s commitment and expertise. He is a passionate mentor and teacher who joins with others to fight for the underdog and make the world a better place for all – one community at a time.