Kathryn Mayrose

Director of HUD Technical Assistance

Kathryn Mayrose is an experienced community development professional helping state and local governments nationwide to implement HUD entitlement grants, disaster recovery and mitigation programs, economic development projects, and COVID relief and recovery efforts. Prior to joining Capital Access, Kathryn managed a multi-million-dollar CDBG entitlement program that included Section 108 loans and HUD Declared Disaster Relief Grants. She also has extensive local government and nonprofit experience in a variety of community-oriented roles such as managing home repair programs, applying for lead remediation grants, and enforcing health and building codes.

“As a former HUD grantee, I know it can be tough to achieve a positive impact in compliance with program requirements and deadlines. I am always happy to research a regulatory question or collaborate to solve a program design challenge—whatever helps get critical resources to the communities that need them!”

Kathryn is a reliable, friendly resource who loves to teach, educate, and mentor others.

“The most satisfying part of my work is developing tools, training, and templates that take the stress and guesswork out of managing federal grants. I believe that everyone benefits when local governments and their partners are supported and empowered.”

When she’s not helping others through work, Kathryn enjoys exploring new ideas and places by reading and traveling.