Laura Roeder

Director of Finance and Administration

Laura Roeder brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of accounting and financial management experience, to the HUD and Treasury-funded projects she helps Capital Access manage. With a keen eye for compliance and risk management and an innate curiosity, Laura has developed a number of successful accounting systems for dozens of clients specializing in a wide variety of activities.

Her specialties include operations, project and risk management; financial management; account oversight; accounts receivable; accounts payable; payroll; fraud prevention; and auditing.

Laura’s no-nonsense approach is certainly one of her strengths. “Most of my co-workers think of me as direct, which I appreciate. You always know where you stand with me.”  That, coupled with an efficient approach to management and operations, ensures her projects receive every bit of detailed attention they deserve.

Laura’s other passion? Her family. “I have regular Sunday dinners with my husband, three kids, and two dogs. I’m also a  proud hockey mom and dance mom, and I enjoy cooking something new for my family every time I step up to the stove!”