Syd Sydnor

Construction Manager

Tawanda Sydnor, who prefers to be known as “Syd,” is a certified Construction Project Manager with 16 years of experience working in the construction and engineering industry. Syd became interested in building, designing, and solving problems at the age of nine, and has built everything from high-speed rail cars for SEPTA to multifamily residential developments. Syd owned and operated their own General Contracting business for seven of those 16 years and was able to overcome one of the construction industries’ biggest challenges of minority participation by performing complete rehabs on four multifamily buildings concurrently while maintaining a 90% minority participation rate; creating jobs for ex-convicts and business opportunities to minority- and women-owned subcontractors during the process. Before running their own business, Syd worked at various engineering firms as an Inspector, Field Engineer and more while holding Independent Contract positions teaching robotics, tutored high school and college students in math, chemistry, physics, and industrial electrical courses. Syd is a firm believer that to keep anything you must give it away! So, along their journey they have designed curriculums for the Philly Shipyard Technical Training program, the REBUILD program, and Jumpstart Southwest, delivering high quality training and invaluable information to people from underserved communities. The highlight of Syd’s career was performing as the Sr. Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager for the SEPTA Keycard project.

Aside from their practical professional experience, Syd holds an Associate of Science degree in Science with a concentration in Engineering, is certified through the Army Corps of Engineers, Associated General Contractors of America, and Temple University College of Continuing Education. Syd is in the process of obtaining a BS in Technical Studies with a dual concentration in Engineering and Construction. Throughout their career Syd has been dedicated to continuous education and self-development.

Syd loves working out (spin class, running and calisthenics), loves reading and loves solving math problems. Above all Syd gives the praise, glory, and honor to God. Because being born and raised in Philadelphia, growing up in the Fairhill projects in North Philly in a single-parent home, below poverty, in a horrible school district, their life could have gone so much differently, and Syd is forever grateful to God for grace and mercy.