Valerie Harris

Homeowner Case Manager

Valerie Harris’ decades-long career reflects a consistent pattern of excellence in housing solutions. She has a long track record of impacting the community’s housing needs for both public and private stakeholders. This long train of accomplishments started with her academic pursuits. Valerie holds a Master of Science Degree in Economic Development from Eastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Temple University. Her core-competencies have been in social services, community empowerment and housing.

Valerie served as a Housing and Credit Counselor for Clarifi, Mobility Housing Counselor for Quadel Consulting on assignment to the Philadelphia and Chester Housing Authorities, and as a Relocation Specialist for TRIAD Associates. She also served as an employee of the Philadelphia Housing Authority where she worked on relocations, administered HUD-based programs, and later worked as an Asset/Property Manager.

Valerie is also a licensed Realtor. All in all, she brings over three decades of experience, with her expertise in training and tutelage in real estate, case management, social services, and empowerment education with a particular emphasis on project and program management, sales, marketing, real estate advisory, budgeting, and client relationship management.

She enjoys spending her time with her family, bowling, art, reading, traveling, visiting museums, and exploring new and fun adventures.